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Advertise Faculty, Staff and Administrative Jobs in the Diverse Faculty/Staff Applicant Database (DFAD)!

​The Diverse Faculty/Staff Applicant Database (DFAD) is a premier employment site for higher education institutions seeking diverse faculty, staff and administrative applicants.





DFADJobs was designed to be the best resource in the country for diverse applicants seeking faculty, staff and administrative positions in higher education. We reach out to all categories of diverse applicants, including gender, age, geographical region, ability, military status, ethnicity, geographical location, etc.

DFADJobs has the best yield of diverse applicants being interested in positions, applying to positions and being selected to positions!



Jobs Sent to Entire Database

In addition to posting your job, we actually send each job posting directly to members of our entire database. We receive over 630, 000 impressions each month. Our members want and expect job postings, so they're ready to apply! We also send each job to over 700 diverse academic and professional associations.


Reasonable Pricing

DFAD has several job posting options from which to choose Once you send us your job(s), they are posted under your region and distributed to our entire network in less than 24 hours. Click the "Pricing" button above to view different job posting plans


Job Circulation Verification

You will receive a copy of what we send to our entire network. We will also send you a "Statistical Report" 48 hours after the job is posted. Through this, you will see which regions produced the highest interest for your job. We also track the "clicks" of each position.